pin_442830575837151419Darkness has overcome the city.The human traffic has now settled down …its   11:40 in the random gully of the city, darkness becomes the reason of the fear of common peoples..not because of darkness , but a group of peoples who hurt the normal people and even kill them for money or expensive things…and in the darkness the evil becomes stronger…
In some dark Gully of the city a board has been the dark.. one streetlight throw light sufficient for reading the board from very close…it has written warning which is”beware of thieves and bandit”and its tiny street light not reach even in a other side of gully.
    At that time, a young man is coming down from terrace through a metal stair very quietly and suspiciously..
He carefully puts his leg to the ground. make sure that in this dark quite gully he does not make noise even a little.
He looks around the street ..but suddenly a voices from another gully catches his attention…from very few distance, this gully breaks into two gully from left to right..and in the left part of that gully something is happening….

He lightly takes a step towards that gully …and trying to listen that voices is a woman who is screaming continuously and followed by her voice there were many other voices like a group of 3 4 men has been in tussle with her. it is sure ..that women is in trouble..this man dares to look the scene, what exactly is going on..Are they thieves?? Or a bandit? He was not sure he lean into the corner of the wall and turn his head to left slightly and looks carefully ..His fear was right ,a group of a man trying to robe her and one of them grab a lady with her hair , and holding a knife to very close to her neck…The man whose holding the lady , threatening the lady to give them all she has…otherwise he will kill her…..
This man got frightened…and a little angry. But in the moment , he turned cool …He puts his hand in his jacket’s  pocket , and takes out the gun..

He feels more confident…and look again at that gully to make sure they don’t have another weapon , other then the knife…one of them checking her purse and one man is still grabbing her ..and have a knife on her neck…

This man turns back too the wall…takes deep breath and look at his gun..
And decides to move to that gully …he turn around at the left gully like a lightning speed ..and points his gun to that men ..and shouts …..”let her go”….
“I have a gun …and I don’t think , that u guys want to get a hurt with this tiny thing….so back off , let her go” ..
He shouted so loudly and confidently..that those man was frightened like a hell…but they are not moving an inch from their place…he again shouts….let her go….he slowly walk towards that men and point his gun to the higher angle and presses the trigger…he fires at them but none of them get hurt …they run away to the diffrent direction of the gully which  breaks again in two direction ,left and right …this men run quickly towards that gully but they were ran into different direction and dissolved into darkness….this man run towards that lady …but lady was lying on the ground..wounded…a very badly hit by a bullet…she was bleeding badly….that man checks her pulse…but she was cold …He looked around the lady …there was her stuff that …Those men was trying to robe from her ..he sees that …Her expensive cell phone…her purse ..with some cash in it…he grabs those stuff and walk towards that dark gully with the board..” Beware of thieves and bandit”